Travel Tips

     What do I need before I travel ???


Pre-Planning Items

  •    Make sure that all of your identification documents are up to date and are clearly legible.
  •    To travel to places like Puerto Rico from the United States via air, you will need at a minimum a birth certificate and valid state id or driver’s license.
  •  For cruises that begin in one U.S city and return to that same U.S city, you can travel unlimited with a birth certificate and valid  state id or driver’s license.
  •    If you are traveling internationally via air, you will need a passport How to obtain a passport
  •    Some foreign countries require a VISA and/or specific vaccinations before entry. Be prepared.
  •    Take a moment to scan a color copy and email to yourself in case originals are lost while traveling.
  •    Create an emergency contact list to leave at home with a loved one and a separate one to bring with you.
  •    If needed, create a daily plan for those who are caring for your children and or pets.
  •    When planning excursions, be sure to follow the dress code to prevent injuries (i.e, horseback riding requires close toe shoes).
  •    Be sure to refill all medications that may be needed while traveling and also acquire motion sickness medicine, sunscreen and/or  bug repellant as needed.
  •   Notify banks and credit card companies the dates that you will be out of the country at least 24 hours in advance.
  •   Print a hard copy of all travel documents, tickets, itineraries etc… for quick access.

  Sample Forms

  Child Care Arrangements Sample

                                                Medical Authorization Form Sample                                                          

Airport Planning


  •  Please remember to include your parking fees in your vacation budget.
  •  Remove all valuables from your vehicle if you are leaving it in long term parking.
  •  Remember to pay for any checked bags in advance of going to the airport if not already included in your air fare
  •  Always check with your resort in case they offer complimentary or less expensive airport transfers.
  •  For cruises, its customary to sometimes arrive the day prior. Check your flight times to ensure adequate transfer time if you are arriving the same day.
  • Some hotels will allow you to park on their property for the entire cruise, make that a part of your selection process.

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