How to obtain a passport


Ready to be a Jet Setter?? 

The first step is obtain a passport.  And…obtaining a passport is easier than you think.

  1. Take two photos of your self that clearly show your entire face (places like Walgreens can provide this service for you)
  2. You will need proof of US Citizenship ( i.e Birth Certificate. They will keep this and mail it back once it has been verified)
  3. Have a form of photo id = valid drivers license or state id 
  4. Down load and fill out the application:
  5. DO NOT SIGN THE APPLICATION until you are at the passport office
  6. Take application, photos and fee $135 at this current writing, to the passport office
  7. Receive passport in the mail in 2-4 weeks
  8. Sounds easy !!?? Lets do it ! 

Things to remember: If you owe back child support you will be DENIED until you have made satisfactory arrangements. Past Felons will need to check with their local offices for requirements.

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